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San Francisco, CA
Hosting - 10/21/2015

Learn about optimizing GoLang Perf, @BetableHQ

Portland, OR
Attending - 12/08/2015

Node.js Interactive is a new, annual, vendor-neutral conference for Node.js.

San Francisco, CA
Attending - 2/22/2015

Shape the future of client-side applications

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Our philosophy is to move fast, and use the best tool for the job.
A core technology for our microservices architecture. Clean, fast, opinionated and performant.
An ideal technology for powering web applications, enabling us to quickly build and prove out new ideas.
The modern and powerful Web MVC Framework enabling us to build a world class client side experience for customers.
Effectively managing, operationalizing and automating our system environments - from laptops to production.
Providing a flexible database layer and allowing rapid scaling to keep up with customer demand.
Storing our code like a boss, and enabling a collaborative developer workflow.

All the Transactions

$150,000,000+ last quarter!

Micro Services

Over forty running in our production environment.

Totally Random

16*(10^9) bits of entropy served.

Superman 3

$300,000+ in penny shaving to date. :)

Test Driven

Thousands of tests run on every commit in our build.

Our mission is to build a polished, scalable and globally reaching platform that enables innovation in real money gaming.

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